Getting back to nature at Bosque del Cabo

Imagine waking up surrounded by lush tropical foliage, awakened by the sounds of the ocean. Trees heavy with exotic fruit provide you breakfast as the forest around you begins to wake up. Rainbow hued¬†birds respond to the day’s first sunlight with their songs¬†shortly followed by the unmistakable roar of a howler monkey. Creatures of the four-legged variety begin to stir and slowly the jungle around you comes to life. Is this Eden? No my friends, this is Bosque del Cabo.

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Birding in Costa Rica

I was attracted to Costa Rica to explore its lush jungles, mighty volcanoes and the dramatic coastline. Little did I know that I would return home with a new hobby. I was well aware of Costa Rica’s reputation as the most biodiverse country on Earth and I was eager for the opportunity to spot monkeys, sloths, coatis, wild cats, frogs and whatever else I was lucky enough to observe. I also knew that Costa Rica was a birding paradise but I really didn’t give much thought to that. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy birds but honestly I really didn’t pay that much attention to them. Costa Rica changed that.

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