Inspired by Salzburg- butternut squash and pear salad

Prior to visiting Salzburg last fall I had few preconceived notions of Austrian cuisine beyond schnitzels and strudels. During my trip I did have the requisite Wiener schnitzel washed down with a glass of Eggenberg and apple strudel accompanied with the whipped cream topped café melange (all of which were delicious), but I soon discovered there was much more to Austrian food. Autumn in Austria means one of two things: wine harvest and all things pumpkin.Unlike the United States where the craze is for pumpkin spiced everything (and many times with no actual pumpkin) Austria’s love for pumpkin is more understated. On menus all over from small family run taverns to high end restaurants you find all manner of dishes from soups to risottos featuring not only the sweet orange pumpkin but also laced with with Austrian gold- pumpkin seed oil.

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Chai peach popsicles and the Big Apple

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent to New York City for work. I was even luckier to be working less than half a block from Madison Square Park and its seasonal popup market, Madison Square Eats.Over thirty of NYC’s best restaurants and vendors are featured here and I was spoiled for choice. Tasty,tasty choice.

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