10 Reasons You Should Travel to Quebec City This Winter www.casualtravelist.com

10 Reasons You Should Travel to Quebec City This Winter

When the winter months roll around most cities bundle up inside waiting for the warmer weather and bright blooms of spring, but Quebec City celebrates winter with a joie de vivre that can be found nowhere else. With French influences and nearly 500 years of history there has never been a better time time plan a trip to Quebec City, but if you visit Quebec City in the winter you’ll find a city that has been transformed into a snowy wonderland. Here are 10 reasons to travel to Quebec City this winter.

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The Best Places to Travel in 2018 -Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Destinations to Visit This Year www.casualtravelist.com

The Best Places to Travel in 2018 -Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Destinations to Visit this Year

 If you’re anything like me as soon as the fireworks and celebrations of New Year’s end the search is on for my next great trip. I reached out to the travel blogging community for their suggestions on the top destinations for 2018 and the response was overwhelming. The destinations on this year’s list span the globe; from Barbados to the Maldives, Antarctica to the Faroe Islands, Canada to Croatia, these places will surely inspire your wanderlust. Without further ado, here is where to travel in 2018.

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The Casual Travelist Turns 4-Even More Adventures Near and Far www.casualtravelist.com

The Casual Travelist Turns 4- Even More Adventures Near and Far

Four years ago as we all celebrated the start of 2014 I hit publish on the Casual Travelist. Little did I imagine then where this little blog would take me. In 2017 I celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss, struggled with and then embraced turning forty and welcomed my adorable little niece into our family. A surgery side-tracked me for the past few months but I’m ready to hit the road running (both travel-wise and fitness-wise, lack of exercise during recovery+holiday indulgence has definitely resulted in too tight pants syndrome). I visited 8 different states, 2 new countries and 1 new continent but I really feel that the best part of my blogging journey is all the people I’ve connected with both virtually and in person. I’m eternally grateful for all of you who have chosen to follow me on my little corner of the internet and I wish you a year full of happiness and adventure in 2018.

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Five Great Reasons to Visit St. George, Utah this Winter

Five Great Reasons to Visit St. George, Utah this Winter

When it comes to winter adventures in Utah many people immediately think of the ski resorts around Park City but with the powder comes crowds and high prices. What if I told you that if you set your sights a little further south you can find some of the most stunning landscapes in the US with near constant sunshine and have it all to yourself? Let me introduce you to St. George, Utah.

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My Best Travel Moments of 2017

If you’re anything like me you’re still wrapping your head around the fact that 2018 is just days away. For better or for worse, 2017 just seemed to fly by. 2017 was a year of some major life milestones for me; I turned the big 40, celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss, became an auntie for the third time and marked my 10 year anniversary as a physical therapist. While I didn’t get to travel as frequently as I would have liked this year, with family events taking priority over personal trips in the beginning of the year and a surgery in November keeping me grounded for the past 6 weeks, the trips I did take made for some absolutely memorable experiences. As I finish up my recovery and planning adventures for 2018 I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite moments from 2017. Read More

Uncommon Gifts for Travelers from UncommonGoods www.casualtravelist.com

Uncommon Gifts for Travelers from UncommonGoods

It’s that time of year where I’m trying to wrap up my holiday shopping, I’ve got a lot of globetrotting pals and it can be tricky finding just the right gift. I mean, what do you get the person who has been to Argentina, South Africa and Portugal within the past three months? I take gift-giving seriously, no coffee-chain gift cards or lottery scratchers here. I like to give gifts that are thoughtful, useful and fun. Enter UncommonGoods. Read More

Female Travelers Over Forty You Need to Follow on Instagram www.casualtravelist.com

Female Travelers over Forty You Need to Follow on Instagram

Let’s face it, Instagram is filled with fresh-faced ingenues in flowing dresses looking wistfully into the sunset (for the fourth time this week, because #blessed) and obsessing over their rainbow-colored lattes in the newest cat cafe in Tokyo. Ladies, keep doing what you do as Instagram obviously loves you, but after joining the over forty club earlier this year I’m drawing my travel inspiration from a different set of women. Members of Generation X, baby boomers and beyond; these globetrotting gals prove that you don’t have to hang up your floppy hat and put away your sense of adventure once the clock strikes forty. Whether they are balancing a love of travel with a 9-to-5 corporate job, traveling with kids in tow or making the most of their golden years; these women show that travel just gets better after forty. For more travel inspiration follow these fabulous female travelers over forty on Instagram.

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Top Tips for visiting New York City at Christmas

No other city does Christmas quite like New York City.  With dazzling light shows, whimsical window displays and the city dress up in her holiday finest Christmas in New York City is simply magical.  A trip to New York City during the holidays will spark a sense a childhood wonder in any scrooge but trying to navigate the holiday crowds without a little research and planning will leave anyone feeling like a Grinch. To earn myself a place on Santa’s nice list I’m sharing these tips for visiting New York City at Christmas because after all, ’tis the season for spreading good tidings and cheer.

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Monthly Musing: Highlights from November 2017

Monthly Musings: Highlights from November 2017

The end of November brings Thanksgiving and the subsequent online shopping binge that marks the beginning of the holiday season. In contrast to October which saw me jet-setting across two continents trekking across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and then eating my weight in pastel de nata in Portugal, November was a fairly quiet month for me travel-wise. Luckily for me November is a great month to hang around Coastal Virginia, with fairly mild temperatures and the yellows and maroons of fall finally reaching the south. The second half of the month I was laid up due to a surgery, but we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s take a look at how stinking pretty Coastal Virginia is. Read More

Christmas in Alexandria, Virginia:An All-American Town Welcomes the Holidays with European Charm-www.casualtravelist.com

Christmas in Alexandria, Virginia: An All-American Town Welcomes the Holidays with European Charm

Brick paved streets lined with eighteenth century buildings, shop doors graced with Christmas greenery and scores of Scottish gents and lasses clad in tartan kilts bustling around town. Was I in Scotland? No, I found a bit of European holiday tradition a little closer to home in Alexandria, Virginia; where on the first weekend in December you’re as likely to hear a Scottish brogue as a southern drawl.  A Virginia town steeped in American history, Alexandria welcomes the holidays with a decidedly Scottish flare.

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