Seville Cathedral

The architecture of Seville Cathedral


No building captures the history of Seville quite like the Seville Cathedral. The Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site tell the story of not just the Cathedral, but of Seville itself. La Giralda, or the bell tower, was originally constructed in 1184 as the minaret of the mosque that previously stood here and was modeled after the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh.Originally topped with four copper spheres this Moorish tower was used both to call the faithful to prayer and as an observatory over the city; however after an earthquake damaged the upper portion of La Giralda was replaced with a Spanish Renaissance style bell tower in 1568.Wandering through Seville’s labyrinthine streets my first encounter with Moorish architecture was La Giralda’s intricate lattices and arches all aglow and I was enchanted.

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