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A Day of Learning at Big Cat Rescue

Every year during the holidays we head south to Florida, to sunny Tampa where we get to celebrate Christmas with Steve’s family with palm trees and 80 degree weather replacing pine trees and snow. Of course one of my favorite parts of our yearly Florida trip is spending time with my niece Morgan, a super fun kid who is growing up far too fast for my liking. When it came time for our girls’ day adventure we had tons of options, after all Tampa is famous for its white sand beaches and theme parks. This year, our choice was completely up to Morgan and she had one place in mind-Big Cat Rescue.

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The wild side of central Florida

I recently took a trip to Tampa to visit family and have some fun with my 8 year old niece. She loves animals and there is no shortage of wild life attractions throughout central Florida. I wanted something a little more up close and personal than some of the major theme parks so we decided to try out the Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, Florida. Located on the Green Swamp between Orlando and Tampa, this rural swath of Florida is known for farming, particularly strawberries and beef cattle. There are also large areas of protected land as the Green Swamp sits over the aquifer that provides central Florida with its fresh water.

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