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One Great Weekend: 21 Tips for Your First Trip to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the hottest cities in the country and for good reason. Whether you know it as the state capital of Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, a growing tech hub or the home of the University of Texas; Austin has a little something for everyone. World class BBQ? Check. Miles of outdoor trails? Yup. One of the hottest music scenes in the country? You betcha. Simultaneously an oasis from the rest of Texas and proudly Texan, Austin is a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. Politicos and hippies, cowboys and musicians; there’s room at the bar for everyone. With so many options it can be hard to narrow down what to do in Austin.  Here are a few of my recommendations for things to do in Austin, Texas.

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Luxury meets Texas Charm at the Four Seasons Austin

With an easy-going mix of down home Texas charm, live music on every corner and one of the hottest food scenes in the country its no surprise that Austin has quickly become one of my favorite cities. When a tech conference brought Steve and I to Austin over our fifteenth wedding anniversary I know I wanted to celebrate in style. What better place to treat myself and the hubby than the Four Seasons Austin?

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From food trucks and barbecue to creative fine dining, Austin has a little something for everyone. Here's where to eat in Austin. www.casualtravelist.com

3 Meals: Where to eat in Austin, Texas

Austin has long been known for brisket and burritos but the same creative spirit that drives Austin’s music scene and tech boom is also putting out some of the best food in the country. Whether you’re on the lookout for boozy brunches, hip food truck fare or fine dining with a side of Top Chef star power Austin has you covered. Here are my recommendations of where to eat in Austin, Texas.

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A Solo Afternoon in Texas Hill Country.

Normally when I’m travelling I have an entourage in tow; my husband, family, friends or coworkers. I love having the company, sharing my enthusiasm for exploring and giving experiences for those closest to me; but with each person comes new needs, wishes and perspectives. On a recent Wednesday afternoon, having arrived a day earlier than a coworker for some training in Austin, I found myself with four wheels and a half a day to do whatever I wanted.Being in Austin I was spoiled for choice; I could explore the city, have an impromptu spa day, or check out the live music scene. But I had a car and an itch to go exploring, Texas Hill Country it would be.

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