The Brewhouse Inn and Suites-Modern Luxury with a Nod to Milwaukee's Past

The Brewhouse Inn and Suites-Modern Luxury with a Nod to Milwaukee’s Past

It’s no secret that Milwaukee has always been a beer town, so on a recent visit I couldn’t pass up staying at a hotel that started out at as a brewery. But this wasn’t just any brewery, this was the Pabst brewery, at one time the biggest brewery in the world; and this wasn’t just any hotel, it was the Brewhouse Inn and Suites which turned out to be one of the most unique city hotels I’ve ever stayed at.

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Why Milwaukee is cooler than you think

Why Milwaukee is a lot cooler than you think


Milwaukee is a town with working class roots, that made working class things and working class beer. Like many industrial cities the last few decades took a bit of a toll but Milwaukee. Industrial giants crumbled and took parts of the city with them, but they never took Milwaukee’s spirit. Laverne and Shirley schlemiel and schlemazeled their way through the city and Harley-Davidson produced an American icon here. I have extended family who live nearby who have been telling me for years what a fun town Milwaukee is and it was high time I see what the buzz is about.

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One Great Weekend: What to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee brings to mind images of beer barons and motorcycles, the Fonz and a couple of girls named Laverne and Shirley just looking to do it their way. This city on the shore of Lake Michigan is shedding its industrial image and showing its creative side. Milwaukee has always been a city of makers, only now instead of leather and car parts you’ll find craft breweries and independent boutiques while a new crop of innovative chefs is out to prove that¬†Wisconsin’s culinary scene is more than just brats and cheese curds(though you should most definitely get your fill of both while in town). This city is forging a new path but stays true to its roots,here are my recommendations for what to do in Milwaukee.

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