Nisolo: Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About

To say I’m a fan of Nisolo is an understatement, and really my love for the brand borders more on obsession. I was first drawn to Nisolo’s minimalist yet timeless style. Instead of indulging in fly-by-night trends Nisolo makes shoes that will look current for years to come. I was intrigued when I learned about Nisolo’s commitment to the craftsman and artisans that make their shoes and accessories by hand. (Handmade shoes, who even does that anymore?). Building close relationships with their craftsmen in Peru, Mexico and Kenya, Nisolo (which means not alone) provides a fair living wage and benefits in communities where this is not the norm. Some shoemakers have experienced a 400% increase in income, greatly benefiting their families and communities.  Eschewing fast fashion for quality and community, Nisolo is fashion you can feel good about. Lastly, Nisolo makes a damn good pair of shoes. The quality in each pair I own was evident the moment I put them on, these are shoes that are built to last.

 The Elayna Sneaker-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About www.casualtravelist.comThis post contains affiliate links, when you make a purchase or book a hotel through these links the Casual Travelist receives a small commission that helps support this site at no additional cost to you. Nisolo provided me a pair of their Elayna sneakers for review but as always all opinions remain my own.

The very first pair of Nisolos I ordered was their Smoking Shoe, a classic loafer that works for both the office and weekend fun. Aside from the goes-with-anything styling Nisolo’s Smoking Shoe features a cushioned leather interior making them perfect for all day wear. Compliments and comfort? I was hooked.

The Nisolo Smoking Shoe-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About The Nisolo Smoking Shoe-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About

The Smoking Shoe quickly became a wardrobe staple for me so I was soon on the lookout for my next pair and once I saw the Nisolo Austin Heel I was smitten. This low cut bootie’s modern styling instantly appealed and once I put them on I immediately declared them the best made pair of shoes in my closet. When I wear heels I usually have all the grace of a cow walking through mud but with the Austin Heel I could walk for hours with comfort and sass. This heel looks perfect with everything from jeans to dresses and gets near constant compliments whenever I wear them.

The Nisolo Austin Heel-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About www.casualtravelist.comAfter declaring my love for Nisolo and featuring the Smoking Shoe as a  pair of  the best flats for travel the team at Nisolo reached out to see if I wanted to try their Elayna sneaker. This casual sneaker is a modern take on the classic canvas sneaker of my childhood; but the Natural Vachetta leather, a buttery vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully, and rose gold eyelets make this sneaker much more sophisticated. The Vibram soles provide supreme comfort, these shoes kept me going all day during my recent trips to Baltimore and Portugal.

The Nisolo Elayna Sneaker-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About www.casualtravelist.comThe Nisolo Elayna Sneaker-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About The Nisolo Elayna Sneaker-Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About www.casualtravelist.comWith modern yet classic styles, a focus on comfort and ethical manufacturing practices Nisolo’s shoes will have a place in my closet for years to come. Which Nisolo style calls to you?

Nisolo:Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About

41 Comments on “Nisolo: Stylish Travel Shoes You Can Feel Good About

  1. I am a complete sneakerhead and I really loved your sneakers. For footwear, I always tend to make the comfortable choices which should look stylish at the same time. Your collection is the same. Comfortable and stylish!

  2. Cute! I love those sneaks. Nisolo is based in Nashville and several of my friends work for the company, but I’ve never even thought about shopping there as their styles aren’t really me. But they look great on you!

  3. The heels are very stylish, although I generally avoid anything with heels for travel. But the sneakers? Those I would definitely wear — I love that they’re made of leather so they’re more durable and comfortable!

  4. You’re right, it makes more sense to invest in shoes that are timeless. And these really are. It’s nice to hear that they’re comfortable too since that’s crucial when traveling. We walk so much when we travel to save money! Great post. Love those smoking shoes!

  5. I like all three of the pairs you show – Nisolo do look stylish. I wonder if they are for sale in the UK – I have very broad feet and struggle to find good shoes for travel when I need to be on my feet all day

  6. These shoes look so stylish! I really don’t wear heels anymore due to knee issues, but I love those tennis shoe ones. They look nice and also look comfortable, which is most important to me.

  7. The shoes look really good! I always have troubles finding the perfect pair of shoes for me and that’s why I mostly wear only trainers. I really like the elegant approach Nisolo took towards the design of the trainers. The brown color is so nice.

  8. The Elayna sneaker looks like my sort of shoe! I usually only travel with jandals and a pair of sneakers but my pair of sneakers is nearly done for the season I think so I may have to consider sneakers like these ones. Love the colour too, so autumnal!

  9. Those sneakers are super cute – I wear supergas a lot so these are right up my alley. Comfy, cute and trendy. I really love those booty heels too – normally comfy and ethically produced shoes places don’t have such pretty and diverse shoes!

  10. What a great idea for a blog post! It’s so difficult to find cute yet comfortable travel shoes. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, how come I didn’t know about Nisolo shoes before? The brown sneekers look totally comfy! Compliments for your last outfit, it looks gorgeous with the heels!

  12. Heels are really stylish but for travel I will prefer sneakers. They too look quite smart amd comfortable. I am surely going to check out Nisolo shoes on your recommendation. Thanks for sharing

  13. There’s nothing like comfy shoes… but for that matter they also need to be stylish! Some great choices here 😉

  14. Those shoes certainly were made for walking! It can be challenging sometimes to find dressy shoes that also double as travel shoes 🙂

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