Jet&Bo:Adding a Touch of Luxury to Economy Class-Plus a Giveaway!

Travel isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey; but when it comes to air travel increasingly that journey has gotten less comfortable. With long security lines and ever shrinking airplane seats there is truth in the economy class moniker “cattle class”. With a little planning and the right accessories even those of us in the back of the plane can reclaim a bit of the luxury of air travel.

Meet Jet&Bo.

Jet&Bo luxury travel accessories make any journey more comfortable.

This post is sponsored by Jet&Bo but as always all opinions are my own.

Jet&Bo offers a range of well crafted accessories to make travel more luxurious. Featuring a finely curated selection of accessories including stylish water bottles, garment folders to keep your clothes wrinkle free and a variety of lush cashmere items (I personally have my eye on their ultra chic cashmere travel wrap) that make your journey more comfortable.

Jet&Bo recently sent me a couple of their Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kits to try out and they arrived just in time for my overseas trip to Morocco and Portugal (which, if we’re counting, involved a total of six flights over three continents).We received both women’s and men’s amenity kits for Steve and I to try on our flights. Shipping is free and I received my order from Jet&Bo in two days flat.

Jet&Bo luxury travel accessories make any journey more comfortable.

Each Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kit features a stylish leather carrying case containing items to make you journey a lot more comfortable. Both kits come with 100% cashmere socks and mulberry silk eye masks (any rebellion that involves cashmere and silk is one I can get behind),  while the women’s kit has Dermologica’s Ultracalming Facial Mist and the men’s kit has Demologica’s Multivitamin Hand Cream to combat the dry cabin air.

Jet&Bo luxury travel accessories make any journey more comfortable.

Our longest flight of the trip was the overnight transatlantic flight from Newark to Munich. As soon as we settled in I kicked off my shoes and slipped on my cashmere socks and my feet were surrounded in pure coziness (we’re talking cashmere here folks and really, does it get any better than that?). After the in-flight dinner the lights dimmed and it was time to get some rest. Now, I’ve always been one to use an eye mask when flying overnight but have always fallen into a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. The band was too tight or didn’t adjust,the mask was a bit scratchy or did not have enough coverage allowing light to come in; and let’s not talk about how my hair looked afterward. The pure silk eye mask from Jet&Bo was different, the band adjusted easily, left no indents in my hair and blocked the light out completely, not to mention just how luxurious it felt to have silk against my face. After waking a few spritzes of my Dermologica facial mist and I was good to go. It’s amazing how much these extra little creature comforts left feeling me more human after a 7.5 hour flight.

Jet&Bo luxury travel accessories make any journey more comfortable.

Looking to bring a little of luxury onto your next economy flight? You’re in luck. My friends over at Jet&Bo are offering a 20% discount to you, my awesome readers. Just use the discount code ‘casualtravelist’ at checkout (this discount code is good through October 31, 2017). This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on holiday gifts for any traveler on your list!

Jet&Bo is also offering their Economy Class Rebellion Luxury Amenity Kits(one men’s kit and one women’s kit) to two lucky winners! For your chance to win enter your email with additional chances for following Jet&Bo and the Casual Travelist on social media. Good luck!

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The giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada only. The deadline to enter October 23, 2017 at 12:00am EST. Good luck!


Jet&Bo luxury travel accessories make any journey more comfortable.

19 Comments on “Jet&Bo:Adding a Touch of Luxury to Economy Class-Plus a Giveaway!

  1. I travel a lot too but economy, this a great idea to lift up the luxury a bit. I will have to try this!!

  2. Oh so fancy! I’m a sucker for these things – definitely entering the giveaway 😀

  3. This is a super cute gift idea for travel lovers. Plus the bag everything comes in is really nice. Entering the giveway now! 🙂

  4. Love this!! Sometimes a little touch of luxury is what we need to make economy flights bearable… thanks for sharing!

  5. Anything that makes an economy flight more comfortable is always great, especially a long haul flight. Glad to see they have got a men’s kit as well as a woman’s version.

  6. The women’s kit has Dermologica’s Ultracalming Facial Mist, it’s a must travel kit, ultracalming sound soothing. I would love to join if I’m a resident of Canada or America. When traveling, I always have my must on hand necessity kit. Sometimes, it saves us from a burden or anything unwanted on the flights or trips.

  7. I love this! I was on two flights last week and would loved to have had this. I’m pinning so I’ll remember for my next trip!

  8. Those accessories look classy. Truth is, I’ve been looking for a travel kit because it can be quite a handful to keep on preparing accessories every time I travel.One struggle for me is that I have to transfer my things to something travel size. Sometimes, those little containers in department stores are not even durable. I’d like some cashmere socks too! 😀

  9. Love the idea of these travel accessories, especially as more airlines are cutting back in the economy sections. Great quality products and the cashmere wrap sounds perfect for a long trip. I’ll give the contest a go 🙂

  10. Never even occurred to me it was possible for an eye mask to actually fit and not leave band marks in my hair! This sounds like a great stocking stuffer

  11. I would absolutely love to win this and be introduced to Jet and Bo for life!

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