I’m honored to be nominated for The Liebster Award!

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is an award from bloggers to highlight new bloggers and bring their sites to a wider audience. A big thanks to Erin Jorgensen of The Caffeinated Day Tripper  and John Roberts of  In the Loop Travel , be sure to check these guys out!


The rules are simple

– Thank the blogger who has nominated you and link back to their site.
– Answer the 10 questions by the nominating blogger
– Nominate 10 of your favorite blogs
– Ask  10 questions for your nominees to answer

From Erin Jorgensen of The Caffeinated Day Tripper

1. What is the quirkiest souvenir or memento you ever picked up in your travels?

The quirkiest memento I’ve brought back was a buxom lady drink stirrer from a waterfront restaurant in Antalya, Turkey.  It will always remind me of the random guy who came up to our table and offered to introduce us to the most famous movie producer in Turkey (we declined).

2. What was the most exotic or rare animal you encountered?

Exotic is such a subjective term. My trip to the Osa Peninsula was  one of my favorites for just the sheer amount of wildlife around.

3. If you won the lottery, where would you go and in what style would you live?

I’d embark on a year long trip around the world in search of where I’d like to hang my hat.

4. What is your most embarrassing travel moment?

Within 10 minutes of arriving in Mallorca I tripped and skinned both knees. My husband received thumbs up from various guys for the rest of the trip.

5. If you had to bring one celebrity along in your travels who would it be?

Ricky Gervais and Carl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad.

6. What song reminds you of a favorite travel destination and where was it?

I (along with everyone else) will always associate any song from The Sound of Music with Salzburg

7. If technology allows, in your life time, would you travel to space?

Only if it wasn’t prohibitively expensive. There are a lot of places on Earth I can see for $250,000

8. Name one place that you would never visit again.

While there are places I didn’t enjoy as much as others there is no destination I’d permanently strike off the list.

9. If you could do one good deed, to solve a problem in a country you have visited, what would it be?

Better access to medical care in Western Belize/eastern Guatemala.

10. Which of your own blog posts do you think is best?

My very first post is a tribute to my Mom and was the moment I jumped head first into my blogging adventure

From John Roberts of  In the Loop Travel

1. We know you love to travel. What other types of activities do you enjoy?

I love to cook(and eat!) and spend time outdoors running,biking,hiking etc. My favorite thing to do in the summer is stand up paddleboard. My hometown of Virginia Beach is perfect with the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and tons of inlets to explore.
2. Better: active travel or lazy beach days?

Active travel hands down. I can relax on the beach at home.

3. Best types of souvenirs?

The edible kind. I’m always bringing back food items from my travels.

4. How do you decide where to go next?

Sometimes we have a specific destination in mind, other times it depends on what deals we can find.

5. Expat? Any plans for expat living?

Nope.  I enjoy my home life and part time travel is more my style.

6. The goal of your blog?

To share my travel experiences and inspire people to make the most out of their limited vacation time.

7. Most unusual food you have eaten on your travels?

I think the food I was most surprised by was mustard. I saw a dish filled with little green pods at my hotel’s breakfast in Vienna. I took a bite of one and discovered it was filled with mustard seeds!

8. Beer, wine or cocktails?

All three? If I have to choose one it would be wine.

9. How do you generate income to travel?

I have a day job as a physical therapist specializing in breast cancer rehabilitation which I find personally rewarding.

10. Where are you now?

At my computer 😉


I’d like to nominate the following blogs all of which inspire me. They may focus on a region few travel to, have a quirky sense of humor or stunning photography. Stop by their sites and show them some love!

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Bianca Malata at It’s All Bee

Kelly Rodriguez at It’s a Lovely Life, Indeed

Rebekah Voss at The Happy Passport

Anastasia Sofia Jones at Gallivant Girl

Rashad Pharaon at Banker in the Sun

Charlie Marchant at Charlie on Travel

Bob Ramsak at Piran Cafe



Questions for my nominees

1.What first inspired you to travel?

2.I explore a place through its flavors, what has been your favorite destination to eat through?

3.What is your most memorable souvenir?

4.Polar expedition or a cruise through the Amazon?

5. What trip challenged you the most?

6. 1 month all expenses paid, where would you go?

7.  Name one thing about yourself that others find surprising.

8. What’s the last book you’ve read?

9. Plane, train or automobile?

10. Where are you going next?


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    • My pleasure Stephanie, can’t wait to read your responses 🙂

    • and it gives me a wonderful reminder of my trip ( and maybe some incentive to retrun!).

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