Monthly Musings: July 2017

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how on earth it’s the end of July already? While the days are longer the summer months seem to fly by way too quickly for my liking. June found me in a bit of a funk about turning 40. Well, not so much a funk as a feeling of inaction and indecision; a feeling of suspended animation while life keeps going on around you. I knew I wanted to go somewhere for the long Independence Day weekend and I hemmed about where to go until about two weeks before I wanted to leave, and 5 minutes before going to bed one night I hit purchase on two tickets to Denver. I went into beast mode with trip planning and had an itinerary in a few days. Those first steps of action and decision were enough for me to feel like I got my mojo back.

The Maven Hotel: Monthly Musings: July 2017

Colorado is one of those places that people were always surprised that I hadn’t been to. Multiple friends told me I would absolutely love it and you know what? They were right. I packed a lot into the 5 days I was there. Within a hour of arriving in Denver I met up with my blogging pals Lauren of The Down Lo and Elaine of Carpe Travel for lunch to talk about shop and get some recs for the rest of my trip (one of my favorite perks of being a travel blogger is how inclusive the community is, I’ve met some truly awesome people over the past few years). I also met up with some of my old navy buds who I hadn’t seen 15 years and chatting over dinner it felt like time had barely passed at all.

Mohawk Lakes Trail in Breckenridge,Colorado. Monthly Musings: July 2017

Colorado’s best charms lay out side the city so after a quick night at the Maven Hotel we made our way toward Breckenridge via a detour through Colorado Springs for a quick hike through the Garden of the Gods and Seven Falls.We then spent three days in Breckenridge, which pretty much had everything I want in a mountain town. Highlights here were hiking the Mohawk Lakes Trail (even though a freak thunderstorm prevented us from making it to the top) and horseback riding in nearby Kremmling.

Horseback riding in Colorado. Monthly Musings: July 2017


July is the height of summer and I do live in a beach town so it’s only natural I head toward the shore. Catching up with friends with toes in the sand while pods of dolphins frolic in the gentle Atlantic waves, this is what summer was made for. I’ve also put my paddle board to good use this month, opting mostly to paddle among the bald cypress in nearby Stumpy Lake (anyone else think it needs a new name?).

Virginia Beach-Monthly Musings: July 2017

The past few months of trips, family visits and birthday celebrations had an effect on my waistline and after returning from Colorado my cloths were a bit too snug for my liking. I’m one of those crazy people who is at the gym at 5 am (my 10 hour work days means nothing is happening after I get off from work), and at that time in the morning it was way too easy to become complacent and just go through the motions. Over the past few weeks I’ve made sure to plan my workouts ahead of time and have started incorporating some aspects of Crossfit into my routines. I’m also running a bit more, including to/from the gym on some mornings(4.5 miles roundtrip), because sometimes it’s a bit silly to drive to the gym and run on a treadmill.Also I had been a little lax on the diet front and have cut out alcohol and refined sugars during the week and adding a whole lot more veggies.

Things I’m loving

This tahini marinated grilled chicken with an addictive herby tomato-cucumber salad has been a dinner staple for me this summer.

On the go I’m digging Larabar Crunchy Nut &Seed Bars , the maple cinnamon flavor is especially delish.

It’s a scientific fact that new workout cloths instantly make you stronger, faster and leaner. I’m loving my new Nike Epic Run Capris.

If it’s Sunday night I’m watching Game of Thrones and dreaming of visiting the show’s gorgeous filming locations .

A little late to the game here but I just binged the first season of Westworld and wanting to book a return to the southwest stat.


How has your summer been going? Got any favorite healthy recipes? Please share in the comments!


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  1. July did fly by! I feel the same. I am actually living in the Southwest now and can’t wait to get exploring!

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