My Travel Wish List


It’s a great big world and there is so much I have yet to explore. Truth is, I kind of hate the concept of the bucket list; ticking off a list that you have to do before you die just seems kind of morbid to me. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a list of places I want to see and things I want to experience, I most definitely do. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations and have had some amazing experiences along the way; from waking up to the sounds of the rain forest in Costa Rica to glacier hiking in Iceland each new place only stokes the fires or wanderlust that much more. My travel desires are fluid, new experiences will certainly take the place of old; travel is my addiction and there is no cure. Without further ado, here is my travel wish list.

My Travel Wish

  1. Eat my way through the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy.
  2. Stroll the pink sands of Bermuda.
  3. Go to Macchu Picchu in Peru.
  4. Take in the magic of New York City during the holidays
  5. Visit Petra in Jordan.
  6. Soak in one of Budapest’s opulent baths.
  7. Hike in Canada’s Banff National Park
  8. Experience the Great Migration in the Serengeti
  9. Explore Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  10.  Sip bourbon at a distillery in Kentucky
  11. Watch the sun set in Santorini
  12. View polar bears in Manitoba
  13. Get drenched at Iguazu Falls.
  14. Walk along the Great Wall of China.
  15. Scuba dive in Fiji
  16. Road trip along California’s Pacific Coast Highway
  17. Cooking class in Mexico
  18. Experience the Southern hospitality of Savannah, Georgia
  19. Eat tapas in Barcelona
  20. Relax in a Japanese onsen
  21. View the other-worldly landscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert
  22. Get weird in Portland My Travel Wish
  23. Go truffle hunting in Italy’s Piedmont
  24. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  25. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  26. See spirit bears in British Colombia
  27. Hike the Grand Canyon
  28. Stay in a houseboat in Amsterdam
  29. Eat chili crab in Singapore
  30. Wear a big hat while sipping a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
  31. See cheetahs in the wild
  32. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti
  33. Visit Mexico City
  34. Visit Australia’s Whitsunday Islands
  35. Explore the Badlands in South Dakota
  36. Stay in a riad in MarrakeshMarrakesh- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  37. Take in the view from the Cliffs of Moher.
  38. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
  39. Eat hot chicken in Nashville
  40. Stroll the colonial streets of Cartagena, Colombia
  41. Visit Michigan’s Macinac Island
  42. Cruise through the Norwegian fjords
  43. Go hiking in Italy’s Dolomites
  44. Relax on the beach in the Mayan Riviera
  45. Explore Big Sky Country in Montana
  46. See the Northern Lights
  47. Drink a port in Lisbon
  48. Stroll along the Seine in ParisParis- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  49. See tigers in the wild in India
  50. Go hiking in Patagonia
  51. Eat pinxtos in San Sebastian, Spain
  52. Learn how to make pasta from an Italian nonna
  53. Visit the Faroe Islands
  54. Explore Middle Earth in New Zealand
  55. Go mountain biking in Moab, Utah
  56. Visit the Sami people in Lapland
  57. Go hang gliding in the Outer Banks
  58. Taste wine in Napa ValleyNapa Valley- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  59. Walk through the walled city of Dbrovnik
  60. Drink a beer in Munich
  61. Learn how to tango in Buenos Aires
  62. Drive the “Going to the Sun” Road in glacier National Park
  63. Explore the castles of France’s Loire Valley
  64. Eat BBQ in Memphis
  65. Take a helicopter tour in Hawaii
  66. Explore the stark beauty of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast
  67. Go skiing in Colorado
  68. Drink whisky in Scotland
  69. Visit Gros Morne National Park in Labrador, Canada
  70. Tour the White House
  71. Cruise the Amazon
  72. See Michelangelo’s David in Florence
  73. Get my cowgirl on at a dude ranch anywhere in the Western USYellowstone National Park- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  74. Take a train ride through Switzerland
  75. Drive the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland
  76. Take in the colonial charms of San Miguel de Allende
  77. Explore Capetown
  78. Listen to jazz on Frenchman Street in New OrleansNew Orleans- one of the places on My Travel Wish
  79. Eat my way around Montreal
  80. Drink a beer in Milwaukee
  81. Photograph lavender fields in Provence
  82.  Go on an African safari
  83. Explore Italy’s Lake District
  84. Drink a Guinness in Dublin
  85. Let it all ride in Las Vegas
  86. Eat sushi in Tokyo
  87. Visit the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
  88. Explore Greenland My Travel Wish
  89. See Rio’s Christ the Redemer
  90. Kayak around the Isle of Skye in Scotland
  91. Visit the Vatican City
  92. Explore the temples of Bali
  93. Take a hot air balloon ride in New Mexico
  94. Relax on the beaches of the Seychelles
  95. Stay in a Tuscan villa
  96. Explore the wineries of Chile
  97. Hike at Yosemite National Park
  98. Eat my way through Lyon
  99. See penguins in AntarcticaYellowstone National Park- one of the places on My Travel Wish

23 Comments on “My Travel Wish List

  1. Great list, I have only done 26, and there’s only a few that I might not be so interested in. My list is ever growing, as I’m sure yours is also.

  2. Love your list and I am glad I have done about half of them! Now 50 more to go!!!

    • I remember your trip to the Faroe Islands, the pictures were stunning!

  3. gosh, well that will keep you busy for a while! I’ve done a few of them – and all should definitely STAY on the list

  4. This is such a fun list to complete! I was very pleased to see Singapore in there, being so small we are often forgotten, but our food is most definitely a good reason to visit. 🙂 When you do try our chilli crab, be sure to order ‘mantou’ to go along with it. Its a fluffy white bun that is deep fried and eaten with the chilli crab gravy. So good!

  5. I call mine a wish list as well. And the hard part about it is that I keep adding more and more things to it!

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