How a Czech Pastry Landed Me an Interview on NPR

There’s little doubt you haven’t heard about the doughnut ice cream cone, in recent weeks this  latest food trend has been breaking the internet. Images of this sweet pastry has been blowing up Instagram, filling up your Facebook feed and has been featured everywhere from Buzzfeed to USA today. Based on the traditional Czech pastry known as the trdelnik, baker Vladimir Novak started filling the tube-shaped pastries with ice cream at his Prague cafe Good Food Prague. Frankly, I think its a brilliant idea and it seems like the world agrees.


Doughnut ice cream cones in Prague- How a Czech Pastry Landed me an Interview on NPR

Photo: Instagram/imshtuffed, Instagram/bubblydesignco

While the addition of ice cream is new, the trdelnik has long been a mainstay of Prague for over 200 years. Wandering the cobblestone streets of Old Town Prague,it’s hard not to be seduced by the aroma of yeasty dough and caramelized sugar roasting over an open fire (kind of like the Czech version of Cinnabon but much tastier). I was enchanted, so much so that two years ago the trdelnik inspired me to write one of my very first blog posts.

Trdelniks, a traditional Czech pastry is coated in sugar and roasted over an open fire, can be found all over Prague- How a Czech Pastry Landed me an Interview on NPR Trdelniks, a traditional Czech pastry is coated in sugar and roasted over an open fire, can be found all over Prague- How a Czech Pastry Landed me an Interview on NPR

Imagine my surprise, when a few weeks ago, I received an email and a Facebook message from NPR (yes that NPR, US National Public Radio for my non-American readers) requesting an interview.

With me.

About trdelniks.

My first radio interview with NPR- How a Czeck Pastry Landed me an Interview on NPR

I’ve long been a fan of NPR; All Things Considered is usually on during my evening commute and the only time I’m interested in cars is listening to Click and Clack on Car Talk Saturday mornings. Once in a while I’ll hear an interview with a blogger, sometimes even someone I know, and secretly imagine that one day I’d be on the other end of the radio.Less than 24 hours after initially being contacted I was sitting inside my local NPR studio, headset on but all alone save for the blinking red light and the sound engineer on the other side of the glass. I could think of a plethora of topics I could discuss with more knowledge and substance; the importance of physical rehabilitation for cancer patients (my day job is as a physical therapist specializing in breast cancer rehab) or a thousand other things travel. I heard a little beep, exchanged introductions and then the questions started flowing. Initially my nerves were evident (I am way more comfortable expressing myself on a keyboard) but soon we were chatting away about Prague and just how tasty trdelniks are. Of course after we wrapped up my head was flooded with all the witty things I should have said but all in all I thought my first radio interview didn’t turn out half bad. What do you think?


I never thought I would make my NPR debut waxing poetic about a a Czech pastry but sometimes life is just a little random and bit wacky, but it’s these surreal moments that make life a bit wonderful too.

28 Comments on “How a Czech Pastry Landed Me an Interview on NPR

  1. Great job on your part. You sounded far more natural and relaxed than the interviewer. Such a fun topic.

    • Thanks Jan, I trink I need to go back to Prague for some more research lol.

    • Thanks, that means a lot. Let me know if you find one in New York!

  2. Love it! Great interview and what a fun topic. I confess, I had never heard of a trdelnik before now but it looks and sounds *amazing*!

  3. ‘Turtlenecks’ remind me of a speciality we have in my country (Switzerland). We have something really similar. But not on that scale 🙂 Looks unbelievable! I love how you were contacted to speak on a radio show! Congrats 🙂

    • Hmmm, maybe I need to come to Switzerland! Purely for research of course.

  4. That’s too funny. While I spent two summers studying in Prague, I never once tried this type of pastry. I never even noticed it – so yes, compared to me you’re a true expert. Keep up the good work, I mean, the good eats.

    • Thanks for your kind words, but um, my name’s not Claire 😉

  5. Oh what! I’ve had trdelnik in Prague a couple of times but never saw it used with ice-cream like this! That’s it I’m going back.

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