Stylish Travel Clothes- No Longer an Oxymoron

Let’s face it,travel clothing doesn’t necessarily have the most fashionable reputation. As brilliantly lampooned here by The Everywhereist , travel clothing is typically thought of as shapeless, quick-dry nylon with zip off appendages (Basically a sleeping bag with legs). As far as I’m concerned whoever designs hiking pants that are flattering deserves a Nobel Prize.

But you know what? There is better out there.  There are some great companies providing clothing that is not only travel friendly but stylish and flattering to boot. I asked some my beautiful travel blogger friends what their go-to items are; here are some of their favorite pieces that allow them to hit the road in style.

Brianna from The Casual  Travelist.

I am a huge fan of Eddie Bauer‘s Travex line. I pronounced my love for the Daisy Wrap previously, but this summer I have a new addiction. The Aster Maxi dress has kept me looking chic during afternoons visiting wineries, evening strolls at the beach  and at fancy dinners in Washington DC. Aside from garnering compliments every time I wear it, this dress is supremely comfortable and comes out of my suitcase without even the slightest hint of a wrinkle.

The Aster Maxi Dress from Eddie Bauer keeps me looking chic everywhere from the beach to a night out on the town.

Pola from Jetting Around

When packing for city getaways, I make sure to have casual sightseeing clothes (jeans, baby tees, track jackets), but I also always bring a dress.Whether I go to a jazz performance, theater play, or elegant dinner, I want to look the part. However, not every piece is suitable for travel. I need one that can be easily folded and won’t wrinkle in the suitcase.For multiple events, I’d normally wear the same dress and switch up accessories (I prefer to pack light). Now that I’ve been introduced to Jia Collection, reversible clothing is my other option.This New York-based designer makes versatile pieces, geared towards women on the go. Jia’s concept is to combine the latest in fashion with comfort and efficiency. I got to see that in action when I brought the Erika dress on a trip to Krakow.The black and white piece can be worn two waysFor work and official functions, you could try the white top/black bottom side, which has a classic feel to it. For events and outings, the other side with playful lace and fringe details is the way to go.This reversible dress by Jia gives Pola multiple looks when she's on the road. www.casualtravelist.comThis excerpt was provided by Jetting Around, you can read the full review here.

Lillie from Around the World “L”

Ever notice that people treat you better when you’re dressed nicely? As an experiment, what I packed for our week-long Ireland trip was… a suitcase full of cute dresses.

“How,” you may ask, “could you be so irresponsible? Dresses aren’t comfortable, nor are they durable.” Nope! If you say such things, you just haven’t yet been introduced to my favorite new dress brand: Leota.

This fashion revelation came the day I learned that my friend from college, Sarah, had started a dress company, Leotathat sews right in New York. Once I heard that Leota was featured in magazines across the country, on New York City taxi infomercials, and even by the “Millionaire Matchmaker,” I knew I had to check it out. Upon opening the website, all I could do was clutch my heart. The beauty! The cuteness!

Not only are the cuts and patterns of Leota dresses brilliant and unique, but their promise of “Effortless Glamour” is wildly true. Each day during our Ireland trip, I ended up wearing my Leota dress for twelve to sixteen hours: hiking cliffs, exploring castles, sitting for long car rides, being thrown up on by the baby, going to fancy dinners, and so on.Lillie looks effortlessly glamorous in her dress from Leota. www.casualtravelist.comLillie looks effortlessly glamorous in her dress from Leota. www.casualtravelist.comThis excerpt was provided by Around the World “L”, you can read the full review here.

Andi from Misadventures with Andi


One of my favorite articles of clothing for travel is a dress I got a few years back from Patagonia.  Most of the time when I travel abroad I am going for two weeks and doing a variety of activities.  This dress is a dream.  I can roll it up and it never wrinkles, I can dress it down with flats, or dress it up with a scarf and heels, it is very versatile.  Whenever I wear, I get a ton of compliments, which always makes me feel great, because it is such a breeze to pack!  The photo is of me wearing it in Paris for a fancy lunch at Le Grand Vefour in the Palais Royale.Andi looks tres chic in her dress from Patagonia.

Tamara of We3Travel

I’ve struggled for years for that comfortable, casual chic look that you see from first-class travelers and instead, I’m usually the frazzled, disheveled looking mom sitting in coach with a bag big enough for all the stuff a family might need on the plane. But last year that changed when I reviewed Anatomie travel clothing for women. I tried the Kate skinny pants, Isadora tank and Samantha safari style jacket. This outfit has quickly become my go to outfit for plane travel…plus each piece can be reused to create so many different outfits. The pants can be wadded into a ball and still come out fine. I recently got caught in torrential rain on the way in to a restaurant for dinner and was soaked through. By the time my entree arrived my pants were dry, so washing in a sink and dripping dry quickly is not a problem! The pants are flattering, light, stretchy, comfortable and fashionable — everything I could ask for in a travel pant.Tamara is ready for the jetset in her outfit from Anatomie.

Jenna of This is my Happiness

Many sandals don’t have sufficient support for the walking that comes with travel. To make matters worse, people who live anywhere that’s warm enough to wear sandals are probably used to seeing only flip-flops or cute, thin sandals, which are OK if you’re going to the beach but don’t suffice for days of travel.

I am lucky to have found THE BEST sandals for travel. Well, these Naot sandals are the best sandals for just about anything, really, and they are the most comfortable shoes I own!

The soles, made of natural latex and cork, are designed to replicate the shape of your foot, so they almost instantly feel like something I’ve worn a million times, something that just feels right. Besides Naot shoes’ flexibility, durability, shock absorption, and arch support, the most important quality to me is the elevated footbed center,which releases pressure in the joints of the center of the foot. I believe that this is what makes my feet feel so great in these. I have plantar fasciitis in one foot but cannot tell when I’m wearing these.Jenna can explore the world in comfort with these cute sandals by Naot. www.casualtravelist.comThis except was provided by This is my Happiness, you can read the full review here.

Megan from Mapping Megan

Female travelers should never have to go through the heart wrenching agony of deciding between their shoes. It’s a tough decision every time we go to pack deciding which ones to leave behind! Enter Slinks; An ingenious interchangeable sandals by Jane Rafter! From just one base you have a variety of sandal style options, and while in place the “uppers” appear fixed, these can be changed quickly and easily…imagine new shoes every day!

It’s 3, 4 or 5 sets of sandals in one, giving you shoes for every occasion, and fabulous feet wherever you go. And because you’re only traveling with one base, you’ll have so much more room in your bag to move!

From fashionable flip flops, pretty summer sandals, and fantastic flats for comfortable city walks, Slinks means your packing problems solved without sacrificing your desire to travel with multiple pairs of shoes…because one pair of sandals is never enough! These Slinks sandals give Megan a vareity of looks while she's jetting across the globe.

These Slinks sandals give Megan a vareity of looks while she's jetting across the globe. www.casualtravelist.comThis excerpt was provided by Mapping Megan, you can read the full review here.


What are some of your favorite items that keep you looking great on the road? Please share in the comments!

37 Comments on “Stylish Travel Clothes- No Longer an Oxymoron

    • Thanks Jenna, I love your suggestion of the Naot sandals. It’s so hard to find cute, comfy shoes!

  1. Some great finds here! I am a big fan of Anatomie travel clothing as well, the pants I have weigh next to nothing and the fit is great. In hotter climates I like a sundress for daytime that can be dressed up a bit for evening with a shrug or a scarf. Footwear is always a tough one for me and I’m looking for a new pair of sandals that are not too casual, the Naot sandals seem promising, will give them a try!
    Susan Moore recently posted…Best Tips for Healthy Looking Skin While TravelingMy Profile

  2. Great looking clothes on beautiful models/travelers! I have hope!

  3. Awesome post! I could do some serious credit card damage here…. I tend to mostly stick to clothes I already wear on the regular when I pack. I’ve learned over the years that whenever I buy something “special” for a trip, I barely wear it on the trip, let alone when I get home. But many of these are “every-day” enough that they don’t just look like travel clothes!

    • I’m glad someone figured out most of us don’t want to look like we’re wearing a sleeping bag with sleeves.

  4. Yay! Great post! I love fashion and I love travelling. I used to have two separate blogs. One for fashion and one for travelling 😀 But it goes together! Love seeing all these stylish ladies! 🙂
    Georgie recently posted…HAARLEM in picturesMy Profile

    • There are definitely some brands out there who are making cute, comfy cloths. It’s kind of refreshing isn’t it?

  5. Wow, some great products here that I need to check out. While traveling, I do pack in a few dresses just so I can look nice for dinners or semi-formal events but there are times I wish I had more options when it comes to wrinkle free outfits. Oh and I love the idea of Slinks- need to check them out asap!
    Natasha recently posted…Hotel Review: Unwinding in Luxury at Al Ain RotanaMy Profile

    • Lol Gemma, are you saying Teva is not the height of fashion?

  6. I travel for both work and leisure, it is always a struggle to pack something that is light weight, durable, non-iron and happens to look good. I am a big dress fan and I just might have to add a few more to my wardrobe after reading this.

    The photo of the Cliffs of Moher by Lillie is a classic, its windy, it just rained AND it’s sunny !

    • I’m going to give Tamara’s outfit from Anatomie a try. Sleek and comfy!

    • Thanks Jennifer, I have been living in my Eddie Bauer dress this summer.

  7. I’ve been looking for more clothing recommendations, so this is perfect! We are traveling extensively through Europe, so we have clothes with us for all seasons. Space is a premium! My daughter and I have started to wear more dresses as they are comfortable and lightweight. I’ve already bookmarked the recommended sites.
    Dana recently posted…Things to Do in Châtel, France with Kids {in Summer}My Profile

    • That sound’s like an amazing trip, I can’t wait to read about it!

  8. What great outfits! I am a carryon only gal so I try to bring pieces that can multitask and wash easily (by hand) like Athleta clothing or pieces by Aventura.
    Elena recently posted…My Turkish Love AffairMy Profile

    • I’m also a huge Athleta fan, I’ll have to look into Aventura.

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  10. Very nice collection of travel clothes! I like all of these outfits. Brianna you’re looking absolutely stunning wearing each dress on those images.

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