3 Meals: Where to eat in Salzburg, Austria

Comforting homey meals are mainstays on menus throughout the Austrian Alps. From schnitzel with noodles to crisp apple strudel, here are a few of my favorite things to eat in Salzburg.

Gasthaus Zwettler’s

We went to Zwettler’s on recommendation of our innkeeper on a cool drizzly night in Salzburg. We were craving something warm that would stick to our ribs and the Austrian classics at Zwettler’s were just the ticket. Housed in a building originally built in 1516 Zwettler’s is guarded by a  heavy wooden door that reveals a cozy space filled with blonde wooden furniture and alpine kitsch covering the walls. Steve being the carnivore he is went straight for the weiner schnitzel, one of Austria’s most famous culinary contributions.This thinly pounded  and breaded veal cutlet easily occupied 75% of the plate leaving a little real estate for some parsley  potatoes and the all important lemon wedge to squeeze over your disk of veal. I, wanting something “lighter”, ordered the vegetarian spinach dumplings. Expecting something akin to gnocchi  I learned just how serious Austria is about dumplings when two green-flecked, softball sized behemoths arrived at my table. While tasty I could  barely finish half of one of the dumplings.


3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com

Cafe Tomaselli

Cafe Tomaselli was our introduction to Austrian cafe culture. You’ve got to love a culture that encourages you to linger over fancified coffee and delicious pastry for several hours. A cultural icon in Salzburg Cafe Tomaselli  has been operating since 1705 and was a frequent stop for Salzburg’s favorite son, Amadeus Mozart, as well as generations of the royal family. Located in Salzburg’s Altstadt(Old Town) near the Cathedral this cafe is popular with both locals and tourists. Service is very traditional, you’ll first be visited by the coffeehouse waiter,wearing his signature black dinner jacket and bow tie who will help you select your beverage. This is followed by the cake server, ladies in white aprons who present a tray of delectable cakes and pastries to choose from. I was tempted to tell her to leave the entire tray but I figured that would be a tad gluttonous. We opted for the traditional cafe melange, a cup of mocha with milk capped with whipped cream which is brought to the table on a silver tray with a glass of water. As for desserts Steve went for one his favorites, a flaky cheese strudel while I couldn’t resist the walnuss tort(walnut cake)- layers of nutty cake with a light creamy frosting topped with a fondant of marzipan. Cafe Tomaselli is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com

3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com

3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com



Craving a nicer dinner our innkeeper directed us to Triangel. Convenient to the Salzburg Festhaus and Rupertinum Modern Art Museum, Triangel serves updated Austrian classics. The decor is modern and homey at the same time, a contemporary twist on alpine kitsch. Triangel was filled with well heeled Salzburgers as well as people attending a show at the Salzburg Festhaus. A glass of local white wine for me(Austrian Gruner Veltliner) and an erdinger eidelweiss beer for Steve started our meal. Steve again went traditional ordering ghoulash with dumplings in a slightly smokey paprika sauce. I ordered roasted chicken over pumpkin risotto drizzled with Styrian pumpkin seed oil which lent a nice nuttiness to the dish. If you visit Austria in the fall you’ll find menus featuring pumpkin dishes usually prepared as a savory dish in contrast to the American fascination with pumpkin as dessert.The chicken was moist and juicy with perfectly crispy skin, it was pretty darn close to chicken nirvana.

3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com

Goulash and a glass of Erdinger beer

3 Meals: Where to eat in #Salzburg, #Austria www.casualtravelist.com

The charming town of Salzburg has some great restaurants featuring local Austrian fare. What are some of your favorite alpine dishes?


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77 Comments on “3 Meals: Where to eat in Salzburg, Austria

    • Zwettler’s was perfect for a cold, rainy night. Were there any other restaurants you enjoyed in Salzburg?

  1. Yum. That last dish sounds especially good. I loved Salzburg (I went there twice but the last time was 13 years ago!) and ate some good food there and, of course, drank lots of tasty beer.
    Jenna recently posted…Inspiring Reads, Winter 2014My Profile

    • Jenna,the roasted chicken and pumpkin risotto was indeed tasty. It matched perfectly with the slightly sweet, easy to drink white wines Austria is known for.

    • Sarah, the food in Austria was fantastic! If you love pumpkin then you would go crazy for the pumpkin-pear terrine I had at Zipfler’s Beirhaus. The mustard-pumpkinseed vinaigrette that was drizzled over the dish was amazing, had to stop myself from licking the dish.

    • Megan, it was delicious. Austria has got to be one of the top countries when it comes to desserts.

  2. Hi Brianna,

    The dishes looks so filling and comforting and would be perfect for fall, as you said. I have yet to go but I would love to visit Austria during the winter months for the Christmas markets and mulled wine. The roasted chicken looks delicious as well and I am a big fan of pumpkin in the winter.
    Murissa recently posted…A Relaxing Rainy Afternoon in Howth, IrelandMy Profile

    • Austria was a great country and I’d love to go back during the Christmas season as well

    • It was a fun place to eat:) That chicken was seriously the best roast chicken I’ve ever had.

    • I still dream about it! Salzburg is such a charming town, definitely worth a stop.

    • I’ll take a look. I like to cook almost as much as I like to eat 🙂

    • I didn’t feature it but I also had a pumpkin-pear terrine over greens with a mustard oil vinaigrette- perfect veggie fare!

  3. “The chicken was moist and juicy with perfectly crispy skin” – I literally felt that. Tempting foods there.

    • Great food all around Austria, they do the simple things very well.

    • I need to go back just to try more of Austria’s delectable pastries!

    • I really would like to go back to explore the Austrian Alps further

    • I do think I need to more thoroughly research the desserts of Austria. I think a return trip is in order

    • The dumplings are quite hearty, great for fueling any alpine adventures.

  4. I loved Salzburg, but was there during the Christmas markets so I pretty much ate my way around those. haha. I want to go back though so will have to keep these in mind!

    • That was easily some of the best goulash I’d ever tasted.

    • Good to know, I’ll have to check it out on my next trip to Salzburg

    • No offense to my Mom(love you!) but the goulash I had growing up pales in comparison.

  5. I never really considered visiting Salzburg for the food but all of these sound delicious! Both of my daughters would like to visit the city because of the Sound of Music connection so hopefully we get there soon and make plenty of time for eating!
    Lisa Goodmurphy recently posted…Family Travel MondayMy Profile

    • Salzburg is such a charming town with so much to see(and eat!). I’m sure your girls would love it.

    • I definitely recommend visiting Salzburg, it will quickly become one of your favorite things !

  6. I haven’t visited Austria since I was a teenager and I have to say that on my one and only visit as a vegetarian it was difficult to find things to eat – it was still something of a ‘fad’ as my dad would all it to be a vegetarian then so not many placed catered for us. Seeing your spinach dumplings however, it looks like I would be well catered for now! 🙂
    Tam @ Travelling Book Junkie recently posted…Michael M. McConaugheyMy Profile

    • Be sure to visit in the fall, there are so many yummy vegetarian pumpkin dishes as well

    • There is no better meal to fuel your alpine adventures. Erdinger turned out to be one of our favorite beards.

    • Erdinger is available at my local German restaurant and it brings back memories of my trip every time I visit

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  9. Honestly, one of the best places I’ve eaten in Salzburg (ok, most of Europe) is the Augustiener Brewery. Something about the combo of the fresh beer and the delicious dumplings! We’ve made the trip down to Salzburg (from Germany) just for dinner!!!

    • I was surprised how much I loved Austrian food, I expected it to be heavy and somewhat bland but I found it to be fresh and flavorful.

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